Wagenborg is committed to achieve a better climate and environment

Strategic priorities and targets to achieve a better climate and environment

Wagenborg takes an active part in the shipping and transport de-carbonizing energy transition. Together with our stakeholders - authorities, clients, investors, public, employees and suppliers - we accept sustainability challenges to reduce our environmental footprint and take action on energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and ocean health.

Target to reduce CO2 emissions with 20% by 2024 and 40% by 2030

Goal to reduce CO2 emissions with 70% by 2050

20 USCG and IMO approved ballast water treatment systems
installations per year

Equip 100% of the fleet with USCG and IMO approved ballast water treatment systems by 2024.

A roadmap towards 2050 to comply with CO2 reduction targets and goals

In line with the IMO ambitions, we have set a target to reduce our CO2 emission by 40 % per  ton/mile in 2030 compared to 2008. In addition we set a goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 70 % in 2050  compared to 2008. We follow our 5-track roadmap towards 2050 to comply with CO2 reduction targets and goals.

  • Fuel efficiency: We have installed live data software on board to improve fuel efficiency.

  • Transition fuels: we use drop-in transition fuels where possible: B7 bio diesel for our ferries and GTL on our offshore fleet.

  • Research into new fuels: we are researching alternative fuels that will help us reach the decarbonisation goals.

  • Convert existing fleet: our fourth step is to convert existing vessels to use alternative green fuels.

  • Replace fleet: we will continue to build and implement vessels that are able to use renewable fuels.

Ocean health

The quality of live under water is affected by possible pollution and waste from seagoing vessels. At  Wagenborg we consider ocean  health of great importance. As early adopters Wagenborg installed ballast water treatment systems far before the 2024 mandatory regulations to minimize the impact in and below water. We target to:

  • install 20 ballast water treatment systems per year

  • Equip all owned and managed MPP vessels with a ballast water treatment unit by 2024.

Stay up to date

#1: Decarbonization rules explained

Both IMO and the EU establish regulations in line with the Paris agreement temperature goals. In this bulletin the impact of the EEXI, CII and Fit for 55 regulations are explained for shipowners and cargo owners. 

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#2: The journey to new fuels explained

With the agreement on EU Emission Trading System for maritime transport CO2 reduction will also be financially driven. For this, the use of alternative fuels is likely. But how to select the right alternative fuels?

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#3: Emission Trading System in practice

In 2024 the Emission Trading System will be in force for vessels larger than 5.000 GT impacting the shipping industry and trade. In this bulletin, we will inform about the settlements to be made and some calculation examples.

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Latest sustainability actions and results

06 June 2023 Wagenborg presents her sustainability report 2022

Royal Wagenborg presented her 2022 annual sustainability report. Wagenborg’s sustainability results are in line with her sustainability strategy and show progress on various environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

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24 May 2023 First Transatlantic voyage sailing on biofuels reduces 68% GHG emissions

One of our F-class vessels recently completed Wagenborg’s first Transatlantic voyage sailing on co-processed marine fuel. This shipment – requested by one of our customers – illustrated the ease to switch to this type of a drop-in bio fuel, resulting in a 68% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on this specific voyage.

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23 April 2023 Metsä Group and Royal Wagenborg agree on a common goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Metsä Group and the Dutch shipping company Royal Wagenborg have agreed to cooperate in reducing the climate impact of maritime transport. The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in sea transport of Metsä Group products by 30 percent per ton/mile by 2030 when compared to 2021.

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