The WedgeCut® Whipstock System is one of the advanced solutions of Wagenborg Oilfield Services. 

The system consists of:

  • Whipstock with a setting anchor
  • One mill for casing exit cutting and gauging

The innovative part of the system is the anchor setting mechanism and the shape of the mill. The anchor is set mechanically by shearing a slip set pin. When the load is applied to the whip face the set pin is sheared, a spring releases and pushes the slip up, the slip is wedged between the whipstock and casing. However the setting system is designed in such a way that in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as wrong cement plug, bridge plug of whipstock placement interval selection the whipstock can be pulled up and set at a higher interval. 

The whipstock can also be activated against the bottomhole and then pulled up and set at a higher interval, this being the case no cement bridge or bridge plug is required.

When the anchor is set the mill activating pin is sheared. Then casing milling and casing exit cutting begins. The whip face has a special guide block which together with the tapered section of the mill leads the mill’s cutting structure in the right direction to cut the casing exit and prevent its interference with the surface of the whip face. This feature prevents the whip face from damage and allows to use it more than once.

Besides the guide block has the shape of an inverted taper and thus can serve as a hook for lifting the whip stock. Which means that the whip stock can be hooked with the head of the mill even after the mill activating pin is sheared and the mill is no longer attached to the whipstock. 

The mill itself is design to comprise a window mill, secondary and a reaming mill(top and bottom) in one tool. Such design significantly lowers the cost for manufacturing or redressing and consequently customer expenses.

Mill Size Casing Diameter
4 1/2" (125mm) 5 1/2" (140mm) 5 3/4" (146mm)
5 1/2" (145mm) 6 5/8" (168mm) 7" (177,8mm) 7 5/8" (193mm)
8" (203mm) 9 5/8" (244mm) 10 3/4" (140mm)
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