Wagenborg  Towage is your partner in towage, offshore services, heavy lift and transport. We think in terms of solutions. With modern equipment and a parent company that has an international network of transport specialists.


At Wagenborg Towage the most unique logistic solutions consist of smart thinking and combining Wagenborg services. Our team of experts is using our equipment efficiently and works accurately, even under extreme conditions.

Wagenborg Towage specialises in harbour, inland and sea towage, heavy lift, transport, offshore services and salvage. With our diverse fleet of tugs and barges, we have a solution for every logistic challenge. Anywhere in the world - 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Harbour, inland & sea towage

Wagenborg offers towage services globally. Wagenborg has been active in this business for more than 100 years. Our tugs assist various types of vessels in several European ports. Our inland services include assisting new built vessels to sea and transport of smaller cargo via European inland rivers and channels.

Heavy lift & transport

Wagenborg Towage has an excellent international reputation regarding special transport. Wagenborg Towage is considerd to be a one-stop-shop-company with tugs with a bollard pull of up to 60 tons, barges with a capacity of 20.000 tons and auxiliary equipment. We can manage many types of cargo ranging from bridges to container cranes and from offshore wind components to offshore oil and gas modules. 

Offshore Services

Wagenborg Towage operates worldwide in offshore services and has been active in this business for many years. The geographic focus is primarily on Europe. Wagenborg Towage is a specialist in logistics for offshore wind farms and oil & gas industry consisting of transport, icebreaking and nautical services.


We develop smart solutions for complicated transport questions through our in house engineering. Our engineers provide custom made transport solutions. Always in accordance with the latest safety requirements and regulations. Experienced people ensure an optimal preparation of your project. Wagenborg Towage takes care of your valuable cargo.


Salvage services

Our salvage activities date back to the early 20th century. Nowadays Wagenborg Towage is still active in salvaging objects. With our sheerleg “Triton” with a lifting capacity of 300 tons, we can make a difference during salvage operations. In combination with our tugs and barges, Wagenborg Towage offers complete salvage solutions.

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