Over more than a century, Wagenborg has become an international transport company with customers across the world. We began in the port of Delfzijl with employees from all over the globe.

We have grown in recent years, and grown fast. After a number of mergers of different business units and acquisitions of other companies, Wagenborg is now a company with several unique and dynamic business units. Companies that work closely together and that help each other to create intelligent and unique solutions for transport projects.

At Wagenborg we provide transport in the widest possible sense. From high to low. At sea and on the road. For small loads and big loads. At home and abroad. That makes us who we are. Safe and reliable. It's in our blood, and it was about time that we made this clear to the rest of the world. Your world, our world.

We asked ourselves one simple question 'What makes us special?'. You probably know the answer already. We don't think in terms of problems. We think in terms of solutions and if we don't see the solutions straightaway, we go looking for them. Solutions for safe, reliable transport. For any client, anywhere in the world.

Searching and devising solutions is in our company's DNA. Our story is the fact that we always find a solution for any transport issue. The unique story of Wagenborg, and now that story is given an outlet - in words and images. These people work in all our Wagenborg companies. They do their job with commitment, involvement and passion. They are the face of Wagenborg.

The Wagenborg companies all carry the same logo. A strong sign, that represents where we came from and what we stand for - the Wagenborg flag. A flag that can be seen everywhere. On sailor's jackets. On our vessels. On Nedlift cranes. A flag that binds us together. With our vision: creating solutions and implementing them for our customers. The flag that used to be associated with our equipment is now the sign of our focus on solutions. In other words, a Sign of Solutions.

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