"I do like a challenge"

Chief Officer Mark Admiraal

"I started at Wagenborg in 2011 as an intern on the Andesborg. We traveled directly around the world, from Singapore to Asia and South America. Then you have something nice to say when you return to school. For me, that was the start of a fast career. In 2013 I started as 3rd officer, in 2018 I was promoted to 1st officer.


I worked as 2nd officer on board of a ship and saw what the 1st officer did. I thought: “I can do that and even better.” I not only did my own work, but I was also interested in the work of the others. Nice that it was noticed and rewarded.


And of course, I come to beautiful areas. My favorites? The Caribbean, the Suez Canal and Panama Canal.


I am often on board for 13 weeks and then at home for 8 weeks. Those 13 weeks are busy. The number of people on a ship is limited and often we really have to work hard. To have the ship cleaned on time for the next load, for example, or if something breaks. If you have done something together for each other, it makes you feel satisfied, but those 8 weeks at home are therefore very important to me.


I never know in advance which ship I will end up on. I prefer the A and T series with the cranes. In terms of a ship, I opt for the Oranjeborg. That is a somewhat more complicated ship with side loaders. I like a challenge."