"I always dreamt of being a sailor"

Cook Marlon Escano

"I always dreamt of being a sailor, so I was very happy when Wagenborg hired me. I first worked in the kitchen and on deck, but I loved cooking more, so I ended up in the kitchen. After 6 months of training in the kitchen, I was promoted to cook.


I prepare all sorts of dishes, depending on the wishes of the crewmembers. The Dutch like rice, bami, nasi and of course frikadellen. Ukrainian crewmembers love borsch and pelmeni. And today the Philippines are lucky, because I am preparing their favorite dish: Kare-Kare. My specialty? Almost everyone loves my chicken casanova.


I am doing this for almost 10 years now and I still love my work. I like serving the crew, making them happy with my food. The crews are very friendly, almost like family. And in between I’ve seen the most beautiful places in the world."