"The ship is our home"

Bosun Muhammad Nadeng

"I was a teacher at a primary school, when a friend of mine made me enthusiastic about sailing. He taught me everything he knew and on my 29th I went on board. Far away from my family. That was not easy. When I started, I was on board for ten months. The money, of course, is nice, but for me, that was too long. I am now 7 months onboard, and then I go home to my wife and four children.


Times have changed. In the beginning, I could only contact my family by sending a letter. And then I had to wait for the answer. This could easily take a month. Now you send an email and you can receive an answer within moments. The same goes for the agency. Communication has gotten much easier.


It is special to see the world. The vessels took me everywhere. Rio de Janeiro and Miami were, for example, beautiful. And you go there with colleagues from all over the world: the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Ukraine: the ship is our home. We have to do it together and we do!"