"I like working with my hands"

2nd Engineer Silviu Tichieru

“I was only in my second year in college, when I took a test and got selected by Wagenborg. I started as an apprentice in 2012, in 2015 I became officer. I am in charge of the operations in the engine room. Maintaining the equipment and fixing things. I like working with my hands. When you fix something, it is satisfying. When you don’t know how to fix something, it is challenging. We then discuss with each other how to handle it. We all have the same purpose: keep the vessel running in a good condition.


I like the Mediterranean Sea area: South-Europe and North-Africa, but Deception Bay was most impressive. We sailed there in May. It was all white and quiet, the icebergs were so impressive. You know they are very dangerous, but they were so majestic. I was really amazed. Life on board is not always easy, not everyone is suited for the job. I am proud I am suited.


I am quite glad I ended up at Wagenborg. The company treats us well. The salary is fine, Wagenborg offers work-security and the insurance is taken care of. I am three months onboard and three months at home. Six months off per year, you don’t have that in an ordinary job. I bought a house back home in Romania I want to rent to tourists. But first I have to restore it, so I have plenty to do when I am at home.”