Serving the agriculture industry.

  • 180 MPP vessels up to 23.000 tonnes

  • Ship sizes for continental and deep sea trade

  • Application of environmentally friendly initiatives on board. 

Facts & figures

abt. 500 voyages carrying agriculture products per year

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Over 2.000.000 tonnes agriculture products per year

Over 7% over total voyages is related to the agriculture industry

Worldwide trade of agriculture products

Seamless shipping of your agricultural cargo

When transporting agricultural products, cost and efficiency are key. That is why leading agricultural producers and animal feed suppliers rely on us to ship their cargo. Our versatile fleet of multipurpose vessels with box-shaped holds optimize your logistics, streamline your supply chain and boost your business forward.

A full-service solution

We know that shipping agricultural cargo is not just about ships. Most cargo also needs to be transported inland, often at both ends of its journey. That’s why we offer flexible, door-to-door solutions that connect you with your key markets via an Inland Services network that connects seamlessly with our ocean vessels.


Whether you are shipping grains to North-West Europe or soya bean meal to the Mediterranean, our team of experts deliver flexible tailored shipping solutions that safeguard the quality of your agricultural produce, from origin to destination.

Why Wagenborg?

  • Our ice class vessels guarantee year-round logistics in extreme winters in the North of Sweden, Finland, Canada and USA. Highest ice-class: 1A Swedish/Finnish.

  • All our vessels have box-shaped holds to stow agriculture cargoes, such as grain or soybeans, perfectly.

  • Many vessels are equipped with removable bulk heads. This allows separation of holds into multiple sections and loading possibilities.

  • Deck cranes on some of our vessels enables these vessels to offer (un)loading big bags.

  • Dehumidifying systems in the holds ensure the products not to become wet and damaged.

Wagenborg is your agriculture industry partner

Because we know the industry, we can offer help to improve logistics processes and cost-saving initiatives with our customer. Who considers us as an added value, will save costs in their supply chain. It is important for our customers that their product arrives on time at their customers. 

ADM and Wagenborg, a successful combination

"If we don’t hear any complaints and everything goes smoothly, we consider this as a good thing. This is also the case with Wagenborg. We appreciate it when the shipment is executed in a professional and pro-active way, including when the shipment is on time, holds are clean and the crew is pro-active and helpful."

Jaghit Bibra-Hertle

Senior Manager Chartering Department ADM

Make the best of it for the customer

Wagenborg has a relatively young fleet of avg. 10,3 years resulting in quality, well- maintained and clean vessels for a vulnerable type of cargo. Our people have the commitment to "make the best of it for the customer". In maritime services, in which the weather and other unpredictable factors play a major role, this mentality is of great value for our customers. Because of their geographical location, many of our forest customers need ice-class ships that can also perform in the winter. With our experience and ships, Wagenborg can serve more areas than ships with less or without ice class.

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