Serving the steel and aluminium industry.

  • 180 MPP vessels up to 23.000 tonnes

  • Ship sizes for continental and deep sea trade

  • Application of environmentally friendly initiatives on board. 

Facts & figures steel & aluminium

abt. 750 voyages carrying steel products per year

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Abt. 2.700.000 tonnes steel an aluminium products per year

Over 16% over total voyages is related to the steel & aluminium industry

Worldwide trade of steel & aluminium products

A challenging industry

The steel and aluminium sector includes all raw material, semi-finished products and finished high-quality steel and aluminium. These production processes included raw material, such as bauxite, alumina and steel scrap, but also finished products as steel coils, plates, pipes or bars.

The steel industry is under pressure with declining demands resulting in a highly competitive situation. This requires that producers need to be as cost-efficient as possible in their supply chain, providing low-cost stock materials in order to make competitive products.

Decades of experience in steel industry

Royal Wagenborg knows the market for many decades and has grown together with many major steel producers. Wagenborg operates 170+ suitable vessels for shipping steel products managed by competent crews who are familiar with this cargo for many years. To load steel products in a safe and efficient way, Wagenborg's in-house cargo superintendents developed innovative loading methods and equipment. This does not only save time and thus money; it also reduces the risk of damages significantly. Cargo superintendents are often on location to guide the cargo handling to maintain the company’s known high standards.

Why Wagenborg?

  • Our ice class vessels guarantee year-round logistics in extreme winters in the North of Sweden, Finland, Canada and USA. Highest ice-class: 1A Swedish/Finnish.

  • All our general cargo vessels have box-shaped holds to fit various combinations of cargoes. Whether this includes steel coils or raw materials such as bauxite.

  • Many vessels are equipped with removable tween decks. This allows an extra layer of steel coils to be loaded without damage.

  • Deck cranes on some of our vessels enable these vessels to offer alternative (un)loading methods with steel hooks or spreaders.

  • Dehumidifying systems in the holds ensure the products not to become wet and damaged.

Wagenborg is your steel industry partner

Because we know the industry, we can offer help to improve logistics processes and cost-saving initiatives with our customer. Who considers us as an added value, will save costs in their supply chain. It is important for our customers that their product arrives on time and undamaged at their customers. With a suitable fleet, innovative loading methods and competent crews, Wagenborg has one of the lowest damage rates of the industry.


Open mindset results in dedicated Pacific trade

"Since we consider Wagenborg as a reliable and stable partner with high safety standards and operational excellence, we looked into this Far East trade with them."

Denisha Lubiani

Denisha Lubiani

Chartering and operations manager Alcoa

Make the best of it for the customer

Wagenborg has a relatively young fleet of avg. 10,3 years resulting in quality, well- maintained and clean vessels for a vulnerable type of cargo. Our people have the commitment to "make the best of it for the customer". In maritime services, in which the weather and other unpredictable factors play a major role, this mentality is of great value for our customers. Because of their geographical location, many of our forest customers need ice-class ships that can also perform in the winter. With our experience and ships, Wagenborg can serve more areas than ships with less or without ice class.

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