Environmental compliance

We are committed to achieve a better climate and environment. 

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII)

The operational performance of the vessels in terms of CO2 output and nautical miles sailed resulted in a ranking according to the CII rating. It measures how efficient ships operate and transport cargo on an annual basis. Analyzing the 2023 CO₂ performance of the individual ships in scope (67 vessels >5.000 GT) shows the investments in our fuel efficieny program pay off in above-average CII ratings. 70% of our fleet (2022: 65%) in scope is rated with an A or B rating. We aim to: 

  • Achieve a C-rating or better for exisiting vessels

  • Achieve an A-rating for new vessels


A growing number of customers is demanding more ESG related data and insights from Wagenborg. This does not only include sharing the CO2 footprint per voyage, but we also notice a growing interest in policy, actions and results on ESG topics. We welcome this development as it supports our ambitions in terms of stakeholder engagement. In 2022 Wagenborg became a member of vetting agency 'RightShip'.


In 2023 a reassesment of our Ecovadis ranking was initiated. To enhance our EcoVadis results, we will focus on various items within the rated topics. Especially within the ‘Labor practices and Human Rights’ and ‘Ethics’ topics we expect a significant improvement after sharing data of the outcome of our policies.

  • Achieve a 'Silver' rating by 2025 for the annual Ecovadis questionnaire.

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