Ocean health

We are committed to achieve a better climate and environment. At Wagenborg we consider ocean health of great importance.

The quality of life under water is affected by possible pollution and waste from seagoing vessels. At Wagenborg we consider ocean health of great importance and are pleased with the landmark agreement to protect 30% of the planet’s lands, coastal areas and inland waters by the end of the decade as agreed at the 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference, in Montreal, Canada.

Ocean health targets

As early adopter Wagenborg installed the first ballast water treatment systems in 2013 to minimize the impact in and below water.

  • Our ambition is to equip all owned and managed MPP vessels with a ballast water treatment unit by 2024.

New upcoming subjects

Our drive to protect live under water does not stop with the installation of ballast water treatment systems. In the meantime Wagenborg has invested in biocide free fouling systems and protective measures to prevent disturbance of whales by reducing speed in dedicated areas. At this moment we are investigating various possibilities to reduce under water noise production of the fleet

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