Sulphur 2020: all you need to know

On 1 January 2020, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) will implement the new fuel sulphur regulation. Sulphur 2020 is arguably the most impactful environmental regulation to date in ocean transportation and has far-reaching technical, commercial and operational consequences. It’s widely acknowledged that the regulations have significant consequences for both ship owners and their customers.

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Engine Breakdown MV Alamosborg

The MV Alamosborg was sailing the Atlantic Ocean on her way to Casablanca Morocco. All of a sudden, the main engine of the vessel broke down. Despite maintenance, online monitoring by Wartislä and a recent survey, bad luck prevented the vessel to continue her voyage. This is the story of the Alamosborg and how the people of Wagenborg combine strengths to deal with unforeseen setbacks.

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“To sail in the Polar regions, you really need specialists for this”

“In Antarctica you can sail for days without meeting a person. Then you really have to depend on each other.” We talk to Oceanwide Expeditions Crewing Manager Fransien Dekker. She takes care of the crew of ships that bring guests to the Polar regions. A story about the constant search for good people and a special collaboration with Wagenborg Crew Management.

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“CO2-transport and -storage possible from 2022”

Ludo van Hijfte and Haije Stigter started more than two years ago with the start-up Fizzy Transition Ventures. Both with a different background, but with shared ideals and knowledge in the oil and gas world in which they have earned their spurs at Shell. Experience that helps them achieve their ideals. “We offer companies the opportunity to drastically reduce their CO2 emissions within a few years.”

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“We think Wagenborg’s fast and solution-oriented actions are excellent”

After the incident with the MV Alamosborg, we asked our client ADMIntermare to look back. Chartering Manager Jagjit Bibra-Hertle gives his reaction.

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Green Deal next step to new system jump

“We are on the eve of a new system jump. Instead of ironing the sails that give way to engines - the previous system jump - in a few years we will exchange the diesel engines. A green revolution in shipping”, according to Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen at the signing of the Green Deal Maritime, Inland Shipping and Ports in June 2019. In this agreement it has been agreed that the shipping sector will reduce emissions of harmful substances and CO2 in the coming years.

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The northwest passage is by far the most extraordinary trip I have ever made

Interview with Captain Richard de Rijk about his experiences on the MV Amazoneborg, which sailed the Northwest Passage twice this season

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Safe and prosperous passages through thorough preparation

The transit time of a journey through the polar region is approximately 14 days. That sounds easy. However, weeks of preparation precede this. Preparations that are essential for a safe and successful passage in a special environment. We talk to nautical superintendent Frank van den Anker about the preparations for the five trips from Wagenborg along the North Pole in the 2019 season.

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Wagenborg is increasingly knocking on the door of the North Pole

Climate change makes the waters above Canada and Russia navigable and the exploitation of minerals becomes profitable. The Arctic is a top economic priority for the arctic countries. As the trade is growing around these areas, also shipping activity is increasing. The North Pole region is becoming a playground for Wagenborg, see chartering directors Hans Kroon and Marco Renzelli who are involved in deep sea shipping at Wagenborg.

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