A retrospect on 2020
21 December 2020
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A retrospect on 2020

Nobody could have predicted how turbulent the past months would be. So many otherwise stable factors have become disrupted, leading to uncertainty which can easily become paralysing. But that is our worst-case scenario. We need to move on, building on our assets and on our abilities. In close cooperation with customers, suppliers and our Wagenborg family we once again will overcome this tough period. As we move into 2021 and hope for better times, here is a look back on some stories that moved our company last year.


January - Exeborg welcomed as first ocean going vessel of 2020 in the port of Montreal

The MV Exeborg became the first ocean-going vessel to reach the Port of Montreal without a stopover in 2020, by crossing the downstream limits of the Port at Sorel on January 3, at 2:11 a.m. The port of Montreal preserved a long-standing tradition: the captain of the first ocean-going vessel to reach the dock at the start of each new is awarded a precious prize: the golden cane. The Exeborg was under the command of Captain Qin Xiao Fei, who received this trophy during an official ceremony.


Wind propulsion ventifoils on board MV Ankie

In February two eCONOwind ventifoils were installed on the MV Ankie from the Wagenborg affiliated captain owner Jan van Dam. Fuel savings on the MV Ankie are expected to be around 15%, depending on her exact sailing routes and actual wind conditions.



As off March, we all felt the impact of the Corona virus on our society. The implications in all countries do vary and change every day. Your and our industry, are vital in many ways for supplying and producing consumer goods. As indicated by governments the transport of cargo should continue and we do our best to ensure this happens. 

On board, our seafarers are far away from home and visit a lot of countries not knowing what to expect. They cannot work from home or take care of their families. We have deep respect for them and we hope, that like all of us, they will stay “clean”.

We have taken various measures to deal with the pandemic while our business can continue as smooth as possible.


Shore power connection at Wagenborg terminal Eemshaven

Wagenborg wants to contribute to a cleaner environment and less emissions on the quays in the port. A good example is the realization of a shore power connection on our quay at the terminal in Eemshaven.


Wagenborg strengthens her position in the greater Stockholm area with expanded RORO liner service

Since many years Wagenborg operates a roro liner service with weekly calls from Sheerness and Terneuzen to Södertälje. As of June 2020, Wagenborg will add a second sailing per week, which enables more trailer- and container based goods to be delivered to the greater Stockholm area. In addition, Wagenborg opens an agency office in Terneuzen in the Netherlands to expand our services in the southwest of the country.


New building order world’s first shallow draft ice-breaking walk to work vessel

After a tender procedure, shipyard Royal Niestern Sander, Wagenborg Offshore and a joint-venture between Mercury Sakhalin and Pola have signed an agreement for the construction of the world’s first shallow draft ice-breaking walk to work vessel. After delivery in December 2021, Mercury Sakhalin will operate this vessel on the east coast of Sakhalin for the oil and gas industry.


Wagenborg extends sailing area geared MPP fleet to West Africa

Royal Wagenborg has extended the sailing area of her geared MPP fleet to include west Africa. When looking at the current sailing area, this extension is a logical next step. Significant synergies can be seen between the fleet, existing key industries and the opportunities in the region.


Installation ballast water treatment systems continues

Due to regulations concerning ballast water, Wagenborg continued the process of installing ballast water treatment systems on her fleet of MPP vessels. Last year, 20 owned vessels were equipped with a IMO and US approved ballast water treatment system. In addition, 13 vessels of affiliated captain owners also were equipped with a system. Keeping up this pace, Wagenborg is expected to have installed a ballast water water system on all ~170 vessels before 2024.


Floating crane Triton closely involved in construction of Fryslân Wind Farm

The construction of Fryslân wind farm on the water started with the installation of the first of the 89 foundation piles into the bottom of the IJsselmeer. Wagenborg is closely involved in this important milestone with its floating crane ‘Triton’.


EasyMax 2 launched successfully at shipyard Niestern Sander

The Easymax 2 vessel was launched successfully at shipyard royal Niestern Sander. This new building is the successor of the award-winning Egbert Wagenborg, the first Easymax ship design leading the global energy efficiency design index!


Wagenborg's sustainability policy underlines ambition as a leading multi-purpose shipping company

“Making our business more sustainable every day for present and future generations”. With this statement, Wagenborg is fully committed to sustainability. Wagenborg strives to be a sustainable, healthy, yielding company in the long term that minimizes its footprint through innovation and efficient processes. This ambition has been formalized in a sustainability policy.


Wagenborg Offshore signs contract for third walk to work vessel on the Southern North Sea

After a tender process, Wagenborg Offshore has signed an agreement for the deployment of a Walk to Work Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (W2W ERRV). This third walk to work vessel in the Wagenborg fleet will be operated by Wagenborg Offshore as a standby and support vessel for inspection and maintenance of unmanned platforms in the Southern North Sea.

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