21 February 2023 mv Alaskaborg ships wind turbine components to the Netherlands

Recently the mv Alaskaborg loaded various wind turbine components in Tallinn for the Netherlands, such as boat landings and access platforms.

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07 February 2023 EasyMax journal 6: this is how we build ships

In this edition of the EasyMax news, production manager Mark Brugmans explains the outline of a ship's production process and what role suppliers play in this. Bert Adema (PPG) and Bob Meendering (Eekels TBI) then demonstrate this in practice.

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31 January 2023 Wagenborg Offshore signs contract for multipurpose offshore vessel on the Southern North Sea

Wagenborg Offshore has signed a long-term agreement with an energy major for the deployment of a multipurpose offshore vessel. The latest addition to the Wagenborg Offshore fleet is a custom-made and specialized offshore vessel that will support subsea activities and decommissioning works in the southern North Sea.

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18 January 2023 Americaborg welcomed as first vessel of 2023 in the port of Baie Comeau

Moored since January 13, the port of Baie Comeau celebrated the arrival of the first ship of the year 2023: the MV Americaborg.

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10 January 2023 EasyMax Journal 5: the first successful transport of the first sections

In this edition of the EasyMax journal, we look back on the first successful transport of the first sections. Modular trailer operator Erik Kooij explains how this works in practice. Udo Borger (Newbuilding Superintendent) tells about quality control during the building process and fleet director Theo Klimp has an important announcement to make!

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27 December 2022 A retrospect on 2022

The year 2022 was one of strong performances for Wagenborg and for all business segments. Amid volatile market conditions – the Russian invasion in Ukraine had a significant impact on the world in terms of geopolitics and energy – our business performed well overall, achieving record volumes and providing a vital service to our customers in the face of significant supply chain disruptions. As we move into 2023 and are confident to continue this positive vibe, here is a look back on some stories that moved our company last year.

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22 December 2022 Wagenborg announces 4th EasyMax vessel

Wagenborg Shipping and Royal Niestern Sander shipyard have come to an agreement to start the construction of another 14.000 DWT EasyMax vessel. This fourth vessel in the EasyMax series is expected to be delivered in autumn 2024.

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06 December 2022 EasyMax Journal 4: preparing to transport a 1.000 tonnes section

5 December, the first five sections of in total almost 1,000 tons, go outside. A job for Wagenborg Nedlift! Bert Top explains what this involves. Laura Meijerhof (Senior Insurance and Claims Handler) tells about the role of insurance in the construction of our third EasyMax and broker René Postma takes a look in the hold.

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02 December 2022 On-going mutations of the Wagenborg fleet

Last weeks again various mutations have taken place within the wagenborg fleet.

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