22 December 2023 Wagenborg announces 5th EasyMax vessel

Wagenborg Shipping and Royal Niestern Sander shipyard have come to an agreement to start the construction of another 14.000 DWT EasyMax vessel. This fifth vessel in the EasyMax series is expected to be delivered by the end of 2025.

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13 December 2023 Wagenborg installed shore power connection on walk to work vessel 'Kroonborg'

Wagenborg has successfully installed and commissioned a shore connection system on the mv Kroonborg in collaboration with NAM/Shell UK and with the support of the "Provincie Noord-Holland. The shore power system was developed and engineered by Eekels Technology BV.

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01 December 2023 EasyMax journal: episode 16

In this 16th episode of the EasyMax Journal, Captain Joenamar Bacuetes shares his career journey from deck cadet in 2004 to his latest adventure with the new EasyMax III. Bert Landman operates from Wagenborg Shipping's Warehouse, where goods are inspected, stored, and dispatched, ranging from toothbrushes to cylinder heads. Kelly Buurmeijer-Wierenga closely monitors the preparations for making the brand-new ship seaworthy, overseeing the creation and management of vital onboard documentation.

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14 November 2023 RORO vessel ‘BOTHNIABORG’ ready for many years of loyal service after maintenance and updates

Recently, the mv Bothniaborg has resumed her liner service again after an extensive maintenance period. her fourth special survey. Because the customer had also planned maintenance on its facilities, it was possible to bring forward a large part of the Bothniaborg survey by a year. During this period, the RORO vessel received a variety of maintenance works and updates on the hull, ramp, machinery and systems. These investments guarantee at least five more years of reliable shipping services for our customers. Next year the special survey of the mv Bothniaborg will be finalized.

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08 November 2023 EasyMax journal: episode 15

In this episode, Supervisor Anne Dijkman from Niestern Sander explains what is involved in the preparation of the launch. Meindert Riekelt Kaptein supervised the launching from his tugboat and Fokke Jan Botke (Managing Director Niestern Sander) explains how he experiences this milestone.

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01 November 2023 Subsea support vessel Kingsborg taken into service after conversion project

Wagenborg Offshore has taken a subsea support vessel into service as Kingsborg. Kingsborg is a custom-made and specialized offshore vessel that will support subsea activities and decommissioning works in the southern North Sea in a long-term agreement with an energy major.

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19 October 2023 EasyMax 3 launched successfully at shipyard Niestern Sander

Today, the Easymax 3 vessel was launched successfully at shipyard Royal Niestern Sander. This new building is the successor of the award-winning Egbert Wagenborg and her sister Máxima. The Easymax vessel type is the latest series in our fleet according to our energy efficiency targets.

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02 October 2023 ASD tug 'WATERSTRAAT' ready for another 5 years of service after maintenance and updates

Recently, the ASD tug Waterstraat has been taken into service again after her third special survey. During a period of maintenance, the 60 ton bollard pull tug boat received a variety of maintenance works and updates on the hull, machinery, equipment and systems. These investments guarantee at least five more years of reliable towing services for our customers.

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29 September 2023 EasyMax journal: episode 14

In this episode, the aft ship of the ship is transported. Royal Niestern Sander director Fokke Jan Botke explains how this was done and invites you to the launch on October 19th. Wagenborg Crew Management director Cees Horvers explains how the crew for EasyMax 3 will be recruited. Stefan Bartlema from Esme Marine BV discusses all the aspects involved in the construction of the accommodation.

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