11 October 2022 Koningsborg ready for more years of reliable service after refit

After a few weeks of maintenance, the MV Koningsborg has been taken into service again after her fifth class renewal. After this refit in Turkey, the 9.000 DWT K-type vessel was put back into operations for many more years of reliable service.

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09 September 2022 Wagenborg assists first LNG tanker in Eemshaven after start EemsEnergy Terminal

On the 8th of September the LNG tanker ‘Murex’ arrived in Eemshaven under agency of Wagenborg. Assisted by multiple tugs - including the Wagenborg tugs Waterlines, Waterstraat and Waterstroom – the first LNG tanker moored successfully at the Wagenborg terminal with the assistance of the Wagenborg tug boats.

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05 September 2022 Wagenborg welcomes first floating LNG facility in Eemshaven

On Sunday, September 4, the Floating Storage Regassification Unit (FSRU) ‘Golar Igloo’ arrived in the Eemshaven under the agency of Wagenborg at the end of the afternoon. This floating LNG facility receives port assistance of multiple ASD tug boats including the ‘Waterlines’, ‘Waterstraat’ and ‘Waterstroom’. ‘Golar Igloo’ was moored safely in the Wilhelminahaven.

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22 August 2022 MV Máxima ships steel products to Great Lakes

Earlier this week, Wagenborg has shipped a cargo of various steel product to the Great Lakes in the USA. In various Baltic ports ferrochrome, steel bars and aluminium was loaded on the mv Máxima destined for the American market. The mv Máxima is one of the EasyMax vessels in the Wagenborg fleet.

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17 August 2022 Wagenborg Towage adds new 80 tonnes bollard pull tug to fleet in Eemshaven

Wagenborg Towage has acquired a 80-tonnes bollard pull ASD 3280 Tug. With this new tug, Wagenborg strengthens her position in the towage market in the Eemshaven and Ems region.

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10 August 2022 MV Arneborg ships timber, wood pulp and paper to US East Coast

Earlier this week, Wagenborg has shipped a cargo of various forest product to the US East Coast. In various Baltic ports this timber, wood pulp and paper was loaded on the mv Arneborg destined for the American market. The mv Arneborg is one of the geared 15.750 DWCC vessels in the Wagenborg fleet.

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20 July 2022 Floating sheerleg puts 170t culvert into place

Recently, our floating sheerleg Triton placed a 170t culvert into the Ems-Jade Canal in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

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13 July 2022 Royal Wagenborg launches Supplier Code of Conduct

Our suppliers play an integral part in our mission to make our business more sustainable every day. At Royal Wagenborg we believe that it is a joint responsibility together with our suppliers to develop and offer services in a responsible and sustainable manner. We expect all of our suppliers to support us on this sustainability journey.

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08 July 2022 FRSU 'Eemshaven LNG' powered by Wagenborg

Recently, Exmar's FRSU 'EEMSHAVEN LNG' arrived in the Port of Rotterdam after a long trip from Singapore. Under control of Wagenborg Agencies the massive float-off started on 19th of June and after 18 hrs. operation time the FSRU finally berthed safely at a shipyard.

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