Last Thursday evening Wagenborg Towage was asked to provide assistance on the North Sea after a collision had taken place between Turkish ship Paksoy 1 and the Dutch Ems Cobalt.

The tugboat Watergeus, which was on its way with the Wagenborg Barge 2, has changed course immediately in order to be able to stay stand-by near both ships in case the situation worsens. Tugboat Waterstroom 60 tbp also left Eemshaven immediately with a salvage team and ballast pumps. Upon arrival, the situation was first investigated and the salvage pumps were placed. The situation proved safe enough to pull both ships apart with the tugboats Waterstroom and Watergeus.

Once the ships were separate from each other, the state of the Ems Cobalt proved safe enough to sail to the Eemshaven on their own; but under the guidance of the tugs. Coming days the ship will be unloaded from her cargo and will go to a shipyard for repair.

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