23 July 2020 Special survey and ballast water treatment system for MV Fivelborg

The MV Fivelborg has left BLRT Repair yards in Tallinn after an intensive periode. In this period, the ship had her 2nd special survey

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13 July 2020 MV Christina ships project cargo to Copenhagen

Early July, Wagenborg has shipped three zero emission ferries to Copenhagen. This project cargo was loaded on the MV Christina in Szczecin in Poland.

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09 July 2020 Possibilities for deck/project cargoes with semi liner service

Wagenborg has always focused on long-term relationships by serving various customers with reliable services. This approach has led to regularly sailed routes in several areas where we have proven to be successful. We would like to share the possibilities to load deck / project cargo on these semi-liner services.

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02 July 2020 Wagenborg expands RORO service with new line between Riga and Oxelösund

Wagenborg Shipping Sweden AB again expands her RORO liner services in the Baltic region. As of July 6th 2020, Wagenborg will start a new RORO line between Riga (Latvia) and Oxelösund (Sweden) with three voyages per week on a fixed timetable.

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26 June 2020 Wagenborg extends sailing area geared MPP fleet to West Africa

Royal Wagenborg has extended the sailing area of her geared MPP fleet to include West Africa. When looking at the current sailing area, this extension is a logical next step. Significant synergies can be seen between the fleet, existing key industries and the opportunities in the region.

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22 June 2020 Simultaneous installations ballast water management systems

Recently various Wagenborg vessels were welcomed at shipyard Royal Niestern Sander in the port of Delfzijl. Here, ballast water management systems will be installed in the vessels ‘Edenborg’, ‘Jade’, ‘Westborg’ and ‘Merel V’.

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19 June 2020 MV Adriaticborg loads yachts at US East Coast

The MV Adriaticborg loads yachts in Port Everglades at the US East Coast for the US West Coast. With a total available deck space of 1.890 m2, these A-class vessels are perfectly suitable to carry deck cargo.

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15 June 2020 Wagenborg RORO service is on the move

On the Wagenborg RORO liner service, Wagenborg Shipping has been able to secure a cargo of wind turbine components between the ports of Terneuzen to Sundsvall.

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02 June 2020 New building order world’s first shallow draft ice-breaking walk to work vessel

After a tender procedure, shipyard Royal Niestern Sander, Wagenborg Offshore and a joint-venture between Mercury Sakhalin and Pola have signed an agreement for the construction of the world’s first shallow draft ice-breaking walk to work vessel. After delivery in December 2021, Mercury Sakhalin will operate this vessel on the East Coast of Sakhalin for the oil and gas industry.

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