27 February 2019 Wagenborg Towage transports hull from Szczecin to Urk

The seagoing tug Waterman has towed the hull of the Eastern Rock from the Polish port of Szczecin to the Netherlands via the Kiel Canal. Upon arrival at IJmuiden – under agency of Wagenborg - the 60 BPt tug, was assisted by the Waterstad, another Wagenborg tug.

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25 February 2019 m.v. Azoresborg discharged citrus pulp pellets in Delfzijl

Last weekend the m.v. Azoresborg discharged citrus pulp pellets in the Wagenborg homeport of Delfzijl.

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19 February 2019 Amurborg transported rail cars to Quebec

Last week the m.v. Amurborg, which was on time charter, transported some rail cars from Antwerp to Quebec. The Railcars are for the expanding rail service of the Charlevoix region for touristic reasons.

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13 February 2019 Oranjeborg ready for service after 15 year renewal survey

Last week the m.v. Oranjeborg was at the Oresund drydock in Landskrona for her 15 year renewal survey. After this survey the m.v. Oranjeborg is ready again for service.

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28 January 2019 m.v. Weserborg added to Wagenborg fleet

On Friday January 25th, Royal Wagenborg renamed the ‘NBP Island’ to ‘Weserborg’. The vessel has been brought under Dutch Flag and Wagenborg’s management. The ‘Weserborg’ is currently at a shipyard in Tallinn to be brought up to Wagenborg standards.

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10 January 2019 Wagenborg provides transportation and installation of a steel dock door

Wagenborg Towage has transported a steel dock door on behalf of De Kok Staalbouw and installed it in the port of Amsterdam.

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07 January 2019 Virginiaborg welcomed as first ocean going vessel of 2019 in the port of Montreal

On January 2 the m.v. Virginiaborg was the first ocean-going vessel to reach the Port of Montreal without a stopover in 2019. The Port of Montreal preserved a long-standing tradition: the captain of the first ocean-going vessel to reach the dock at the start of each new is awarded with a precious prize: the Golden Cane.

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19 November 2018 Wagenborg provides assistance after collision on the North Sea

Last Thursday evening Wagenborg Towage was asked to provide assistance on the North Sea after a collision had taken place between Turkish ship Paksoy 1 and the Dutch Ems Cobalt.

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08 November 2018 First trial shipment for SCA to the US East coast

Recently the m .v. Arneborg successfully completed a first trial shipment for SCA to the US East coast. The A-class vessel, with a total cargo capacity of 15.750 tonnes, loaded 6.000 tonnes of woodpulp as part cargo in the Swedish port of Sundsvall.

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