At Chemelot, a large industrial area in Geleen, Wagenborg replaced an old drying tower for a new one at the sulphuric acid plant, commissioned by Sitech Services. In order to determine in which way the towers could be swapped, Wagenborg’s engineering department was consulted.

The original lifting points of the old tower couldn't lift the weight of the tower. This was partly due to the weight of the razor rings and the masonry (173 tons). Therefore, Wagenborg offered an alternative solution: erecting the tower by attaching lifting points to the supports of the tower. First, thorough stability calculations were made, as the tower would be raised below the center of gravity.

As soon as the old tower (including all connecting pipes and appendages) was successfully lifted by a LR1400 crawler crane, the new tower (weighing 150 tonnes) could be placed onto foundation. A challenging job considering the very limited space. Wagenborg successfully performed this job in a professional way and minimalized the duration of the plant’s shutdown.

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