Wagenborg Offshore has been awarded a long-term contract by Fathom Marine. For five years the multipurpose offshore vessel Arcticaborg will provide marine support in the Western Canadian Arctic.

The contract starts mid July 2017. The vessel will be operational from the port of Vancouver in Canada. From this port Arcticaborg will provide ice-breaking support, ice navigation assistance, fuel supply, salvage and will make cargo runs on a regular basis.

The Arcticaborg was previously active in several oil and gas related projects in the Caspian Sea, which is characterized by shallow waters and severe ice conditions. After twenty years of loyal service in this environmental sensitive region the multipurpose offshore vessel will now take on a new project in a similar environment.

Currently Arcticaborg left the Kazakh Wagenborg base in Bautino and is on her way to Vancouver. The vessel will set direction to Azov and via the Panama Channel towards her new home in Vancouver to get as efficient and quick as possible in Canadian waters.

The plans of the Arcticaborg fit in the strategy of Wagenborg Offshore which is aimed to deliver innovative (complex) marine logistics to the offshore industry.

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